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Translating our true love for fabrics, prints and colors into scarfs.


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Les Inconnus: the Story

Les Inconnus was born from the spirit of the Brazilian designer, Gabriella Zanchi. Resident of France since 2013, Zanchi completed her Masters in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni then segueing to a three-year tenure amidst the lively and inspiring pulse and atmosphere at Saint Laurent. Working in the heart of the Textile Research & Development Studio, she grew to find her place in fashion, proving to be a quick study.

It was there at the Maison in Paris, where Zanchi continued to refine her already passionate eye for fabrics, prints, colours and textures; a pursuit which ultimately led her to the decision to create her own brand, Les Inconnus in October of 2017.

Exclusively crafted and handmade, her debut collection of scarves were composed with fabrics and prints of her original creation developed in her native Brazil and produced in Europe.

Officially launched the 8th of March 2018 at Hotel Secret de Paris, the brand has received meteoric success ever since, quickly attracting the attention of many, and poised with a future that looks anything but inconnu.

Les Inconnus Paris Launch