our manifesto

Manifesto|| manɪˈfɛstəʊ|| A public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organisation.

The raw textile is in itself, a blank canvas ready to express the wearer's personal fascination with different shapes and colours creating an ultimate sensory experience.

Les Inconnus was born with this idea in mind. Captivated by one’s own inherent mystery, our finished products aim to be the tools that help communicate an authentic and strong personality.

If fashion is a bridge into this exterior world, then it is through their forms of expression, with a special appreciation to detail, quality, originality, beauty, art and personal freedom, that one’s style can be built and founded upon. Vignettes from both the past and present are deeply interwoven into each of our handmade finished products, enabling the wearer to ingress their own allure and mystique.

You see it in the effortless elegance as Brigitte Bardot traipses through sun-drenched promenades in St. Tropez. It’s present in Françoise Hardy’s quiet command of café audiences au terrasse in Paris. The mystifying appeal of the Stones sun-soaked retreat to Marrakech- Richards, Jagger and Jones all peacocking in their finest wares for the duchesse dilettante, Anita Pallenberg.

Beyond the stroke of midnight, it’s the mesmerising electricity pulsing through Debbie Harry on-stage at CBGB, or across town at Studio 54 as  Bianca Jagger emotes magnetic yet coy before the lens of Warhol and Papageorge. It’s the provocatively, extra-terrestrial appeal of ‘space oddity’ himself, David Bowie or all-encompassing passion conferred between two modern star-crossed lovers, Gainsbourg and Birkin.

Showcasing the delicate, perennial beauty of flora & fauna, it’s mediated and mastered en minutiae with Irving Penn’s Flowers. Unmistakably visceral and loud, it’s the clashing and clamouring of one’s inner-most emotions transmuted in fervent brush-strokes of the modern expressionist artist. You can hear its’ energy sustained within the soul-stirring chords Hendrix plucked and arranged from galactic symphonies beyond, then delivered to audiences on our third stone from the sun.

We are pulled by fashion as the individual’s truest personal expression, an absolutely essential elixir to our temporal existence. It’s in this sense that Les Inconnus is distilled from the shadows and brought into the light.

Timeless and iconic

The eternal search for style as a form of self-affirmation and self-fulfillment involves a necessary balancing act where reverence of the past also must meet embracing the future- omit the nostalgia. We strongly esteem that which is tangible as well as visceral; and it is in this that we also strongly believe these things we continually revisit will remain current and relevant. Finding beauty in the strange and unknown, in the transforming potential of our choices and in the continuous exercise of becoming, forever foreigners of ourselves in search of the promise land. Rebellious and in love, but secretly and helplessly certain that the best is yet to come.

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