Silver Lake

A silk-satin escape expressed through the ever-changing colors of an L.A. sunset.

Glimmering waters reflect the illuminated night skies above

Silver Lake: The Carry-Over Collection transports you to the quiet tranquility of Los Angeles at dusk.

Gradient hues of an ever-changing sunset infuse our carry-over collection translating lush, L.A. landscapes and their vintage glamour. Choose from a myriad of color palette options such as powder blue, sage green, baby pink and pale yellow. Bolder selections of jewel tones such as violet, teal, and bubblegum pink as well as metallic silvers are also available.

Our commitment to excellence is visible in the delicate handmade finishing, rich textures and attention to detail, all in effort to successfully translate our vision to the products.

Dare to discover

Close your eyes

Can you feel that energy which travels along your spine as the wind hits your skin? What’s your idea of heaven? Are you ready to be transparent? Do you ever allow yourself to just be? Dive into the blue and marvel at all the endless lights as they eclipse the night sky. When was the last time you made a wish upon a star?

Could we run away? Perhaps somewhere over the rainbow…

Dare to escape.

Dare to wander

Take your shoes off. Let your bare feet grace the ground beneath you. Do you feel yourself as raw and open as the Earth?

Did you ever stop to think about how many colors could exist in this world? How many flowers can you name?

Could you follow me? Far from the maddening crowd…

Dare to feel.

Take a leap, dare to submerge in crystal clear waters and explore the sensation as it settles on your body. Feel it coursing through you, illuminating you from within. You are shining… glowing.

Water as your mirror, its light and gentle touch, delicately bathing your skin. You know what they say- we never enter the same river twice.

Are you willing to let go? Drift away from the shallow side. Could you lose yourself in something deeper?

Dare to dive

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